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If you’ve landed on this page, it means that you belong to a small group of people who like to have control over their lives and enjoy it to the fullest. 

Perhaps you have noticed lately that a certain area of your life is slipping a little out of control, and your head is increasingly filled with emptiness or a sense of loneliness… This is a completely normal stage on the path of development! If you want, we will go through this unknown path together, which leads to the life of your dreams.

I am the creator of the concept and program of internal development GOOD WAY Life Discovery, a logotherapist, a mentor, and an entrepreneur. My work and greatest passion is to support people in finding what is most important in life: meaning, peace, values, and faith in their own strengths.

Remember: your future depends only on you.

What do business people approach me with?

  • I feel like something is missing, but I can’t name it. I feel emptiness in my life, and everyday life has lost its meaning.
  • am constantly tired. Simple tasks take me more time than they used to. I feel like life is slipping through my fingers.
  • I feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks I have to do. I have lost my old creativity. I am easily irritated.
  • I would like to regain my confidence and carefree attitude that I lost somewhere along the way… It seems like I am losing myself.
  • I am full of concerns about the reality surrounding me. I would like to change something, but I do not see the direction of my path.
  • My current life makes me feel lonely, even though there are people around me. I feel like no one understands my problems.
  • I do not feel satisfied with the moment my life is in. In the reflection in the mirror, I no longer see the passionate person I used to be.
  • My closest relationships are ruined, I don’t have a good relationship with my children or partner, and I don’t see a way to fix it or establish a good connection with my loved ones.

How am I helping?

  • 01Group work

    You will learn how to take care of your needs and develop what gives you a sense of fulfillment. The experiences of other people will allow you to look at problems from a broader perspective.

  • 02Scientific approach

    The methods used in the program have been supported by scientific research and the experience of many subject matter experts. During the workshops, you will use proven models, processes, and tools.

  • 03Selected group

    There are no accidents here. Each person you will meet at the workshops is someone who faces similar experiences in life and business on a daily basis. During the classes, you will feel a sense of belonging to the group and also open up to solutions that you had not previously considered.

  • 04Confirmed effectiveness

    For over 15 years, I have been working with many entrepreneurs helping them find meaning and achieve their dream goals. The sense of fulfillment and improved quality of life they experienced after the workshops are confirmed by numerous positive reviews.

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Quality of life – quality of business

Why doesn’t my life look the way I imagined it? Sometimes, to answer this question, all you need to do is stop and look at the problem from a distance. In this step, we will learn to discover your potential. We will also listen to the voice of your intuition, which tries to break through and guide you towards a fulfilling life.


I have a goal – I have a purpose

Are my goals really well-formulated and not devoid of purpose? At this stage, we will work on ensuring that your pursuit of a goal does not cause deficiencies in other areas of your life. We will learn to distinguish between a goal and a purpose. Few people realize that a goal without purpose is the easiest way to burn out in both business and personal relationships. Meanwhile, a goal that has purpose motivates and adds necessary energy.


My values ​​- in life and business

Deficits in family and professional life are often the result of improper prioritization. In this step, we will learn to categorize values, so that at no stage of our life journey we lose what is important to us.


New beginning, new me – what’s next?

Realizing our goal and finding the way that will lead us to it without losing its purpose is just the beginning. At this stage of training, we will master the ability to establish a new quality, and together we will learn to predict both small steps and milestones that you may encounter on your way.

What awaits you?


3 days of training during workshops based on the proprietary program


You will meet new people with similar challenges, from different industries and spheres


You will gain a new perspective on your problems, as well as the necessary time for yourself and your development. During the training, you will receive materials that you can use even after the course is over.

Finding meaning is a process that is not worth postponing. You and your loved ones will benefit from it

Why did I create this program?
Discovering valuesYou will discover how strongly your values ​​direct your life.
Regaining peace of mindYou will learn to find peace in everyday life. You will understand the impact of certain patterns, expectations, and other people on disturbing your inner peace.
Finding meaningYou will learn how to nurture your goal and find meaning in it, how to find and cultivate meaningful goals. You will rediscover your lost sense of fulfillment.

Is it working?

You can see a few below selected opinions

  • Maciej GnyszkaOwner, CEO Towarzystwa Biznesowe S.A.

    Good Way is a way to get rid of past blockages and turn your dream future into a phenomenal reality!

  • Mariusz NowakowskiOwner, CEO MANGUSTA

    Good Way is a way to discover new reserves of energy within yourself and share them with others

  • Paul TkaczOwner, CEO DESEO

    Discovering your inner strength is a process, but when you find the only right way in life, your life will take on a new dimension and meaning. The knowledge I gained from Krzysztof cannot be compared to any other training.

  • Artur KucharzykOwner, CEO DEVELOCUS

    For me, life after discovering the GOOD WAY is simply a simpler and more precise way both in the spectrum of personal relationships and business decisions.

Enroll in the program

If you want to participate in the workshops, leave your email and I will get back to you as soon as the registration opens.

Warsaw or Miami

from 4900 USD


  • 2-day development program
  • Comfortable hotel accommodation premium
  • Private consultation before the program
  • Individual exercises and a custom eBook for personal work
  • Small, intimate group of entrepreneurs
  • Unforgettable experience of internal transformation.


Hotel NOBU

Experience the elegance of the old world combined with modern solutions at the luxurious Hotel Nobu Warsaw, where our meetings will take place.

The stunning Art Deco building from the 20th century and dazzling, unconventional interiors will make you feel exceptional.

The collision of the old and new world that you will experience while staying at the hotel will redefine you and allow you to feel the spirit of Warsaw – a city with a rich history that is not afraid of modern solutions.

Moving back and forth between these two worlds, transcending time, you can feel the very spirit of the city itself: Warsaw’s dual need to preserve its history and redefine itself anew.

Nobu Hotel is a flagship hotel located in the heart of the city. Nobu Hotel Warsaw offers 116 rooms, spacious conference and banquet halls, and the world-renowned Nobu Restaurant. Enjoy a charming stay in the most enticing city.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I personally ensure that every participant of the GOOD WAY Life Discovery program is fully satisfied with their participation in the workshops.

Do you have any questions?

The price includes a 2-day course with accommodation at a hotel and full board.

There is no need for preparation. The meetings take place in a relaxed and fully comfortable atmosphere. If you wish, you can take advantage of a consultation that is available to you before the meeting.

Just inform me of your absence, and you will be able to participate in the course at another convenient time

This program is primarily for you. Of course, you have probably already realized that individual development also improves other areas of life. Additionally, during the meetings, you will have the opportunity to expand your relationships.

After completing the course, you will have the opportunity to join individual mentoring – the GOOD WAY BUSINESS CLUB development program.

Krzysztof Janowski

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